Furrnion wrap-up

A bit more than a month ago started the hardest week in many of us’ lives: we still needed to decide which items to install in the fursuit lounge, some decoration elements hadn’t arrived yet, the badges were still not printed and we didn’t know how to build the Art Show. But the Conventions Fairy […]


We wish you all a Merry Xmas! And thank you again for the trust you’ve put into us and our project. You’re already more than 135 coming to Furrnion, while we only expected 50 or 60. We’ve doubled our expectations! And we’ll do our best to make it worth it. Santa left us a very […]

We’re slowly getting closer to the great day! We remind you, before anything else, that on December 31st preregistration will close. So from that day on: There will be only at-the-door registration, with a price of 120€ for the 3 days or 50€ for a day-pass (that’s for basic registration. The sponsor and olé updates […]

Introducing the Charity: Madrid Felina

With barely two months to go for Furrnion to become a reality, we’re proud to introduce you to the charity that, this year, will benefit from the Con’s earnings. We hope you will want to support, buying their merchandise, making donations or giving them a percentage of the benefit you’ll earn from the Art Show’s […]

We were wondering if someone was waiting for us to do a Black Friday deal. Well… no shit! Since we’re so modern, we’ve jumped onto the super-offers Black Friday bandwagon, to bring you not only one, but TWO, that will be valid from friday November 25th at 00:00h to monday November 28th at 23:59h! Black […]

Open Doors Day to the Dealer’s Den

We don’t want anybody to not see first-hand how is Furrnion going to be. We’re aware that not everybody who wished to come as full attendees are able to do it and some others, even if they could, they wouldn’t come for many and valid reasons. Thing is… we want to help those people and […]

Schedule Published

Even though there’s still 3 months for Furrnion, many of you asked us ‘what will be going on?’ ‘how is it gonna be like?’, and even though we’ve tried to tell you ‘more or less’ what we have planned, even us needed to see it properly published already! So, you can see the schedule clicking […]

Art Show and Auction entries open!

We proudly announce the opening for the Art Show and Auction items (framed artworks, figurines, plushes, rare collectibles, books) that attendees wish to expose and / or sell in Furrnion’s auction. We remind you that you can click here to review the Art Show’s policies. Each and every Furrnion attendee (artist or not) has the […]

Room Sharing, made easy!

We proudly present the new system we’ve developed for those attendees that will stay in the hotel, either because you’ve made a reservation or because you’re going to be in someone else’s room. Going to ‘My Account > My Data’ you’ll see we’ve modified the top-right area, where you can see your room reservation details. […]

Discount for con-veterans and Furbest

As you know, Furrnion is a new convention, and as such, still not widely-known. We’re trying to get ourselves known as much as we can, for which we’ve made flyers, a lot of social network promotion, etc. We also know that going to a convention isn’t cheap, and some of you go to several every […]