Furrnion wrap-up

Group PhotoA bit more than a month ago started the hardest week in many of us’ lives: we still needed to decide which items to install in the fursuit lounge, some decoration elements hadn’t arrived yet, the badges were still not printed and we didn’t know how to build the Art Show.

But the Conventions Fairy was by our side, and for when we opened on friday, January 27th at the scheduled time (yes, spanish timing) everything was ready, most of attendees had already gone through registration and Furrnion was off to go!

Many of you prolly wonder…. where did you hide this last month, after the Con was done? Well, partially we’ve been secluded in our homes, victims of the Con Crud’s attack (who also visited us), so we needed to recover. There had been many stressful, hard-working months, and on top of that, we staffers were the only ones who couldn’t siesta during the con. We needed to catch up with it!

But we haven’t only rested. We’ve also been speaking a lot amongst the staff and with the rest of attendees, retrieving info, determining what can we do so our next edition will turn out even better, and working on compile and prepare Furrnion’s photo gallery, that we want to share with all of you:


In it you’ll be able to find not only pictures made by our team, but also by other attendees with awesome equipments like Cody, Foxxwarren, Formanor y gerMANshep.

In addition, one of our attendees and spanish fandom’s old-timer Maikel Retriever, news site FurryFandom.es creator, made a review of the event and an interview with Salmy:


Besides, you can enjoy this video by SwiftBlade:

And this other one that Foxxwarren is working on:

We’ll take this moment to announce that… yep, there will be Furrnion in 2018! And rumors are true: it will be in spring! More exactly in April. We’re still working on the exact week with the hotel. There’s still more than one year left, but you know us: we like to take our time!

Group PhotoFor those of you who wonder why the date change, the answer is simple: It was never our intention for Furrnion to be in January. The reason why it was made by then was cost-wise: low season at hotels, so plane tickets and rooms would be cheaper. But the ultimate goal is to celebrate Furrnion in October, since there’s a Holiday here in Spain that celebrates when America was discovered.

So, in order to avoid doing two Furrnions in the same year, or having to wait almost two years for the second edition, we thought it made sense to make a ‘middle step’ in spring. So like in the first edition, we’re looking for the right weekend that is not too close from other European cons.

That’s all for now! From the staff we’d like to transmit to you the deepest of gratitudes to all of you who attended Furrnion, and all of you who worked and contributed for it to be the big success it was. You are Furrnion. And we hope to enjoy each and every of you’s company in the second edition.

We’ll get back soon with more announcements. Now, back to the siesta! Whatcha gonna do, we’re spanish!