The Charity – Madrid Felina

logo_mfTen years ago, Madrid Felina started to stroll Madrid with cat eyes. It knew that all those little felines were waiting hidden in any part of the contradictory and bittersweet city.

Since then, more than 4500 abused and abandoned cats have been rescued. This job has led their daily labor, with no excuse, to the cats being grateful for their fight.

cedric01-1280x640Madrid Felina is a group that fights so that the cats around the city are not illegal but a part of it. Their job is to find them a better future through adoption and the participation of activities in their benefit (such as social conscience talks, sterilization, and establishment of the method capture-sterilize-release in many cities of the community).

The association has been possible thanks to the support of each person that has contributed or has volunteered and to all of the people that maintain the animal protection labor.

We are looking forward to the acknowledgement of Madrid Felina in Furrnion as well as its project and trust in them.

You can know them better in their website, in their Facebook and their Twitter