Attendees’ List and Forum

With almost 100 confirmed attendees for Furrnion 2017, we’ve thought it’d be convenient to publish the full list. On the other paw, we’ve also opened the forums for everybody to see (only confirmed attendees will be able to write and respond to threads). From now on, you’ll be able to see with whom you’ll share […]

Dealers’ Den’s signup open

After some weeks being closed to sponsors, starting today you can sign up for a Dealers’ Den spot. All registered attendees can request their free space on it. You don’t need to be an artist, or even to sell something material. You can use your space to draw, sell your merchandise or promote your own […]

August 1st will be too late to register at the awesome 60€ rate. Yeah… Awesome! Some may think 15€ is not a lot, but everything counts! When 85 is 100, when 185 is 200, when you know that they mean 3 less kebab menus… it doesn’t sound so little!! Besides, we’ll soon announce exclusive stuff […]

Confuzzled’s staff has always been extremelly generous and kind with us. Back from the beginning, its President Matt Lion has been giving us all kind of good advices to be able organize Furrnion in the way you deserve. But it’s not just the staff, but also the attendants who have displayed a great interest in […]

Come to Furrnion for just 60€!

We’ve just published all the prices for all the different registration levels and the rooms. Go take a look! It will be worth it. Next Sunday May 1st at 22h CEST, registration opens at this discounted price! Click on Registration or here to see them!

Promotional video shooting

Last Saturday, April 23rd, two Norwegian furs (Fangz and Lumo) came to Madrid in order to appear alongside Maho, Tenecayr and Tronchy in the video we’ve recorded to promote the Con. It’s been an intense, hard day, specially for the fursuiters, who had to bear with the heat for 5 long hours! We’ve posted on […]

Open for business!

We just opened the website! Omg, can you believe it?? Come on in and take a look around! Welcome!