Merry Xmas to all! and… Dealer Den is full!

We wish you all a Merry Xmas! And thank you again for the trust you’ve put into us and our project. You’re already more than 135 coming to Furrnion, while we only expected 50 or 60. We’ve doubled our expectations! And we’ll do our best to make it worth it.

Santa left us a very nice present: The Dealer’s Den is full! When we began to planify the meeting room’s use, we made two simulations for the Den: 1 or 2 rooms. Just like with the general attendance, we thought that filling up a single room would be a real achievement, but… two??? And you see: we needed more! If someone else is interested in it, you can still request it, but you’ll be placed in a waiting list, in case that somebody cancels his/her spot.

Many of you have asked us (and prolly wonder silently) …. who’s gonna be in the Den? And physically where? Well, in order for you to planify your stalking in advance, this is the Den’s Map and the artists and merchants’ positions in it, and also a link to their pages:



Nº Mesa Nombre Nº Mesa Nombre Nº Mesa Nombre
1 Tienda Furrnion 2 Madrid Felina 3A Palmarian Fire
3B Dr. Javi 4 Meoxie 5A Don Troxo
5B Ritsukaxan 6A Sapphire 6B Nora
7A ColdLight Moon AlphaThunder 7B 8A Baalpeor
8B Sky 9A Sicka Fox 9B Piko Starsider
10A Dorian 10B Wyn de Weynilard 11A Asbie
11B Star Gazer 12A Armendariz 12B Griffin Bandida
13A Mipsy 13B Teal 14A Pau the Dragonwolf
14B Acmon 15A LionRae 15B Soturisi
16A Retro the Monster Wolf 16B Foxx`s Warren