Snack Exchange, Banner Brawl and activities updates!

We’re slowly getting closer to the great day!

We remind you, before anything else, that on December 31st preregistration will close. So from that day on:

  • There will be only at-the-door registration, with a price of 120€ for the 3 days or 50€ for a day-pass (that’s for basic registration. The sponsor and olé updates will not vary)
  • We won’t be able to guarantee that we’ll have enough item stock for your chosen registration level welcome pack.
  • We won’t be able to guarantee hotel room availability.
  • For sponsors and Olé, your name WON’T be in the conbook.

So, register now. Remember you got 7 days to pay after you do!

Now, for the news: Thanks to GermanShep’s initiative (one of our Olé attendees, from Ireland), we’re going to have a snack exchange on friday, that will work this way:

  • Each atendee will bring a product, sweet or salty, solid or liquid, or several of them, from their homeland or region.
  • The Con will provide the space (main stage) and all the plates, cutlery and glasses needed.
  • Each country or region will have their own table where to expose and prepare their products.
  • We’ve settled a minimum of a 5€ value for the products each attendee will bring. For those who want to get into the exchange to eat, but didn’t bring any or enough products, they’ll have to make a 5€ donation to our Charity at the door.

The Snack Exchange will take place in the Main Stage / Disco, on Friday January 27th, from 20:15 to 21:30h, giving enough time to dealers and fursuiters to join after their scheduled activities!

We also introduce you to a new activity: Banner Brawl. Participants will compete making quick doodles over a canvas, based on the audience’s requests. The goal is to make more drawings in less time! This activity will take place in Don Manuel room on Friday from 22 to 24h..

On the other paw, we’ve also updated other activities’ schedule, specifically:

  • Networking: goes to saturday morning, at 11.
  • Meet the Charity: goes to friday morning, at 12:30.
  • Cards Against Humanity: goes to friday evening, from 20 to 22h.
  • League of Legends Tournament : goes to saturday evening, from 20 to 22h.