Introducing the Charity: Madrid Felina

With barely two months to go for Furrnion to become a reality, we’re proud to introduce you to the charity that, this year, will benefit from the Con’s earnings. We hope you will want to support, buying their merchandise, making donations or giving them a percentage of the benefit you’ll earn from the Art Show’s auctions.

The chosen charity was Madrid Felina, a non-profit madridian association dedicated to the rescue of alley cats throughout Madrid’s region to give them shelter, take care of their health, neutering or spaying them and finally making them available for adoption.

Madrid Felina will have a permanent slot in the Dealer’s Den, and will host at least one panel (their introduction) so you will know about their activities better. However, to start with, take a look to the page we’ve prepared for them here:


The Charity – Madrid Felina