Open Doors Day to the Dealer’s Den

We don’t want anybody to not see first-hand how is Furrnion going to be. We’re aware that not everybody who wished to come as full attendees are able to do it and some others, even if they could, they wouldn’t come for many and valid reasons.

Thing is… we want to help those people and offer them a deal they won’t be able to turn down: visit Furrnion and access to the Dealer’s Den for 8 hours for only 9€!

By doing this, we also want to give the chance to all Dealers to reach a wider audience, beyond our distinguished Con Attendees, and extend it to Fursuiters, so they have a more cheering crowd during the Parade, praising their wonderful suits!

In addition, we’re also very aware that it will be very good news for many furries that, for being underage,  can’t get the full registration. Even though it’s not going to be the same, as they won’t be able to enjoy the full experience, it’s at least a chance so everybody can enjoy the Con’s environment, take pictures, meet and talk to other furs and have an overall better idea of what they will be able to enjoy in future editions.

You can read about all the details and policy in the new page we’ve prepared for this event:

Open Doors Day

As always, if you have any question, you know how to reach us!