Schedule Published

Even though there’s still 3 months for Furrnion, many of you asked us ‘what will be going on?’ ‘how is it gonna be like?’, and even though we’ve tried to tell you ‘more or less’ what we have planned, even us needed to see it properly published already!

So, you can see the schedule clicking on the following link:


We also remind you that You are Furrnion and Furrnion is for you! That’s why you can’t be shy to tell us ‘I’d love to set this up, speak about this, play this movie and speak about it afterwards, look for other people to play or talk about this game’. Tell us what you wanna do! As you can see in the schedule, we still got 3 rooms of different sizes and features entirely to your disposition so you can run your activity.

Go to the Propose your Event page and tell us what you’d like to do!