Art Show and Auction entries open!

We proudly announce the opening for the Art Show and Auction items (framed artworks, figurines, plushes, rare collectibles, books) that attendees wish to expose and / or sell in Furrnion’s auction.

We remind you that you can click here to review the Art Show’s policies.

Each and every Furrnion attendee (artist or not) has the right to expose and sell whatever they wish, as long as the items comply with the referred policies. But in this first edition, space will be tight, and we want to make sure that everybody can expose, so in case we don’t have enough room for everything requested, we’ll follow this order:

  • Each attendee’s first ‘general’ ‘vertical’ item
  • Each attendee’s first ‘general’ ‘horizontal’ item
  • Each attendee’s first ‘adult’ item

And so on.

We also remind you that it’s very important to preregister the items going to the new option ‘Art Show / Auction Entries’ under ‘My Account’ in the menu. This way, on thursday evening and friday morning the set-up process will be much faster. We can’t guarantee that the items that haven’t been preregistered will be finally exposed. Each item will have a sheet where attendees will be able to write their bids, so we need to have them already printed and registered in our system.

Pre-registration’s deadline is December 31st 2016.

For any doubt or question, as always, we’ll be happy to attend you! We remind you of the best ways to reach us: