Room Sharing, made easy!

We proudly present the new system we’ve developed for those attendees that will stay in the hotel, either because you’ve made a reservation or because you’re going to be in someone else’s room.

Going to ‘My Account > My Data’ you’ll see we’ve modified the top-right area, where you can see your room reservation details. Now, depending on the room type, the system will allow you to send as many room sharing requests as free spots you have in the room (not counting you, of course!).

You only need to input the badge # (which you can check in the Attendees’ List) to send the request to whom you want to add to your room (they will receive a notification via-email too). When they get into their account, they’ll see the notice and an option to accept or decline the request. The decision they take will be announced to the room holder by e-mail, and will be displayed in their account as ‘confirmed room sharings’ for their reference.

Any sent requests can be cancelled anytime, the room holder can also remove confirmed roomies and any roomie can self-remove from their room anytime. All of those moves will also be notified via e-mail to their counterpart so everybody is always informed.

We hope you find it useful! We think it’s a needed tool, since with that information we’ll hopefully make the check-in procedure faster upon arrival.

In any case, we need to remind you that the information displayed in that data is not binding, and it doesn’t constitute any kind of contract between the attendees nor between them and Furrnion or the hotel. It’s only for informational purposes. The room holder is still the only responsible of full payment for the room type and days they chose in the reservation details.

So if you’re a room holder, make sure your roomies pay their part in advance! And if you’re gonna be in someone else’s room, send them your share via wire transfer or Paypal to make sure you have an evidence of that payment!

In the end, the goal is to avoid any embarrassing situations, and just be ready to spend an awesome weekend!