Discount for con-veterans and Furbest

As you know, Furrnion is a new convention, and as such, still not widely-known. We’re trying to get ourselves known as much as we can, for which we’ve made flyers, a lot of social network promotion, etc.

We also know that going to a convention isn’t cheap, and some of you go to several every year, usually the most known. It’s always a ‘risk’ to go to a new one, for which you don’t have past references.

That’s why we’ve decided to make a special discount for all of you who have gone to a Con already in 2016, a discount that will be available throughout august and september. If you’ve gone to any Furry Convention this year (january to august included), attach a picture of you with that con’s official badge for this year in front of our registration screen, and we’ll give you a 20% discount in the basic level’s registration!

Also, we’re very glad to give that discount and a very warm welcome to all of you who have attended Furbest 2015. After knowing the sad news that it won’t be made this year, we just wanted to contribute a bit to the cause and make it more affordable for those who attended the first Furbest to come to Furrnion or who were planning to go this year’s. If it’s your case, specify it in the registration form and we’ll contrast the information with Furbest staff so we can apply the discount to you!