Activities and Events

This is the alphabetic list of Furrnion’s Activities and Events. It doesn’t include activities meant for fursuiters, that have their own page! We’ll update this one frequently as we settle new activities.


Banner Brawl

The ultimate clash of titans! Some of your most revered artists knee deep in the art brawl of their lives! They will try and out-art each other amidst the raging hordes of cheering fans!

Host: “S”
Place: D. Manuel Room
When: Friday, from 22 to 0h.

Cards Against Humanity

Life is self improvement. To try and be a Little better every day. To walk that extra mile that brings you closer to that unattainable ideal of perfection. Not here. Enjoy this crazy cards game showing how devauched your mind can get to be.

Hosts: Ottwer, Coco and Mankeulv
Place: Tent
When: Friday, from 20 to 22h.

Disco – Dance – Party

Are your feet less still tan Happyfeet’s? is your home’s ringing doorbell enough for you to break into the wildest dancing? Do you desperately need to forget what you heard during the furry-oke? Dance floor is calling! It’s like Saturday Night Fever, but on Friday!

And if what you want is to host a DJ session yourself, click here to let us know! We only need you to bring your own final equipment (laptop and mixing table if needed)

Resident DJ’s: Mankeulv (friday) and Ottwer (saturday)
Place: Main Stage / Disco
When: Friday and Saturday, from 0 to 2h.

Furry History

Know your fandom’s very History!

Hosts: Mankeulv and Aennor
Place: D. Manuel Room
When: Saturday, from 13:00 to 14:00h.


Gymkhana! Gymkhana! Gymkhana! Picture racing the bulls but with obstacles! Make a fool of yourself Show your abilities in front of an audience in crazy and silly quests and tasks that will shatter both your dignity and self esteem make entire crowds cheer! Juicy prizes and shameful scenes to be uploaded to YouTube. What else could you ask for?

Hosts: Mankeulv, Coco and Ottwer
Place: Main Stage / Disco
When: Friday, from 18 to 20h.


Is your singing better than David Beckham’s? Do you collect Grammys just for yawning? Dive in, grab the microphone and Let it goooo Let it goooooo…!!!

Hosts: Mankeulv and Deivi
Place: Main Stage / Disco
When: Friday, from 22 to 0h.

Group Photo

What a memento to show to future generations! To be able to say “i was in the first spanish furcon! Look, I’m the one at the rear, giving the horns to that conops guy”. Ugly people are hereby requested to keep their fursuit on for it. We don’t want to break our cameras.

Hosts: Alex Archer and Deivi
Place: Main Stage / Disco
When: Sunday, from 10 to 11h.

League of Legends Tournament

Bring your laptop, connect to our network and join!

Hosts: Phantau and Kiono
Place: Tent
When: Friday, from 18 to 20h.

My First Con

How did you get here? What are you doing with your life? Can you hit any lower rock bottoms? Well, d’uuuh! You are both a furry and a con n00b! Here, we won’t help you get your dignity back, but at least we’ll give you some tips to go on with your life!

Host: Koltas
Place: D. Manuel Room
When: Friday, from 13:30 to 14:30h.


Wanna meet other furs? The Networking Session is the place! Take your questions card and meet different attendees in fast five-minutes sessions, in the dynamic fast and funny way to meet people!

Hosts: Aennor y Mankeulv
Place: Tent
When: Saturday, from 11 to 12h.

Mercadona Expedition

Need to go grocery shopping but you’d prefer to go guided to the right place? Come join the expedition!

Leaded by: Mapacho
Place: Gathering in the hotel’s reception to leave in group
When: Thursday at 20:30h.

Pokemon Tournament

Bring your 2 or 3DS and your latest Pokemon game, and you’re set to go!

Host: Alex Archer
Place: Tent
When: Saturday, from 23 to 1h.

Snack Exchange

You came to this country for the fandom. You will stay for the food.

Share something from your place with the rest! Everybody that brings something from their countries or regions will have free access to this event, and those that don’t will only have to donate 5€ to the charity so at least they could help feed the kittens!

Hosts: “S” and Blaya
Place: Main Stage / Disco
When: Friday, from 20:15 to 21:30h.

Talent Show

Think you have a natural ability? Amazing magician? Impressive dancer? Impervious juggler? Even if you’re just delusional, this is your chance! Show us what only you can do! Whether out of sheer pity or for your effort, ovations will befall upon you!

Hosts: Ottwer and Coco
Place: Main Stage / Disco
When: Saturday, from 22 to 0h.

Werewolf Apocalypse

Board Roleplaying game. Try to survive in barren Ceritia’s lands, leaving your campsite behind. What kind of adventures will await for you?

Host: Nekotomaru
Place: Tent (friday), D. Manuel Room (saturday, +18)
When: Friday and Saturday, from 22:30 to 1:30h.