About Furrnion

BERTIN-350In this section we could tell you all about how Furrnion became to be, which is to face the timeless need of the everlasting nuance to put remedy to the historical aggravation of social unrest between plenty-of-cons Europe and the cons-lacking Spain… But as it tends to be the rule in most spanish-related things, the truth is far simpler and… embarrasing.

Once upon a time in Autumn, in one of Madrid’s many pubs, a couple of furriends were rambling over beers. One of them dropped the notion, just for the giggles, of why not creating a full-fledged furcon for Spain. However, instead of the expected “yo, dude, stop kiddin’ me”, his friend’s reply was “balls on the table, right now!” Challenge was issued, there was no going back now.

A hangover later, we see our courageous simpletons trying to settle down the basics. Their conclusion was depressing. What. A. Mess. But balls were on the table, they HAD to keep going. “We need a third” they agreed, so in any conflicting proposal two could vote against the sensible option. Number 3 was found and thus, with 3 heads (and half a brain), path was soon set and things were in motion.

And the same way they do in Hollywood when they are out of ideas for a film, they gathered a mottley crew of superheroes, bigger than the Justice League and The Avengers put together, who could face impossible odds: creating a Con. A Spanish Con! Olé!  Task groups were set, time lapses established, the work begins. Hotels are reviewed, website is set up, mascots are defined… But enough talking about the past! This is the present! This is happening right here, right now! And you, you can be part of it! So come down to Spain, share this experience and get the hell out of here while you can! enjoy the best time of your life at a furcon! Sangria not included (kidding, we’ll have it… for cheap!)